Cum repara americanii strazile

LA freeway reopens ahead of schedule

The mayor praised contractors for working so quickly and thanked city residents for heeding calls to stay off the roads. The mayor also gave credit to news outlets for spreading word about the closure, which had been planned to last for 53 hours.

Project contractor Kiewit Infrastructure West faced a $6,000 fine in each direction for every 10 minutes of delay in getting the freeway reopened, according to the city’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority. That’s a total of $72,000 an hour.

The drumbeat of warnings about the weekend triggered an instant industry of businesses trying to capitalize. JetBlue offered special flights from Burbank in the San Fernando Valley to Long Beach, with seats for the short hop costing just $4 or $5.

Some trespassers crept onto the 405 during the shutdown. Officials report a bicyclist made it onto the road before getting escorted off by police, a man was cited for driving on the roadway, several people were found putting up a large sign, and a man was caught scaling a perimeter fence.

Many mocked the frenzied language surrounding the closure, especially on Twitter, where Hollywood’s comedians had at their hometown.

“How’s everyone coping with this terrifying apocalyptic nightmare of having to … oh my god … stay home with your family?!!!” Bill Maher wrote.

Albert Brooks took a more philosophical approach in his Tweet: “If we would close the freeways every weekend we would have a great society.”

Se pare ca americanii astia nu sunt asa de prosti.

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